Holiday Tree Lot


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100% of proceeds support youth
of our community.
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  Selling trees since 1978

Christmas Trees, Wreaths, & Roping  – Pick Up or Delivery
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New Hours

Opening November 24
December 23 

Monday-Thursday 4-8 PM
Friday 3-9 PM
Saturday 9 AM-6 PM
Sunday 12-6 PM




Deerfield’s Jewett Park,

across the tracks from the Metra Station.

836 Jewett Park Dr


Cash or check only.
We do NOT accept credit cards.


We Deliver!

Outside Delivery $15+
(+ starting at $15)
We deliver to your home and bring the tree to your door.

 Inside Delivery $25+
(+ starting at $25)
We deliver to your home, bring the tree inside, and put it in your stand.

Santa’s Delivery $250
Santa himself will accompany the delivery team as they deliver to your home, bring the tree inside, and put it in your stand.  Santa will listen to requests from the kids and spend some time at your home.

Delivery Windows
Wednesday 6-8PM

Saturday & Sunday 12-5PM


Bulk delivery discounts available
for 4 or more trees


Limits on how many trees we can deliver on a given day.
Prices are subject to change.
Prices include Deerfield default distance from tree lot.
Surcharges may apply based on distance from the tree lot.


So please be sure to stop by before our closing day of the season.



Chicago Botanic Garden – Christmas Tree Watering Solution

2 Quarts of Water
2 Quarts of Lemon-Lime Soda (not diet)
½ tablespoon of Clorox (first batch only)


Thank you to our partners!

636 Deerfield Rd, 847-572-5544

Dear Franks has been serving up delicious hot dogs, juicy burgers and Italian beef in since 1978. The current owner has continued to provide that same great taste since 2000.

The tradition continues in the North Shore of providing great food, and great service to our loyal base of customers.

843 Waukegan Rd in Deerfield
(847) 945-6666


Our Trees

Our trees come from Canada and Wisconsin.  We have 4 types of trees on the lot (plus wreaths, boughs, and tree bags). Don’t worry if this is too much to read – we can help you during your visit to the lot!

Scotch Pine – is the most commonly used, the ‘traditional’ Christmas tree, usually sheared very pyramidal in shape.  It’s long (1-3”) needles are dark to bluish green, and are very stiff, able to hold ornaments easily.  Scotch Pines are very good keepers – they resist drying and can hold their needles up to 4 weeks.  They are slightly less fragrant than Balsam Firs

Fraser Fir – has a uniform pyramid shape, with short (1”) needles that are dark green on top, silvery underneath.  The needles are softer than Pine needles and thicker than those of Balsams.  Fraser Firs have excellent needle retention, some fragrance, and firm branches that can hold heavier ornaments.  Fraser Firs are considered the ‘Cadillac’ of Christmas trees.

Balsam Fir – has a pyramid shape with a spire like tip (good for tree toppers).  Its needles are short, with rounded ends, dark green with a lighter underside.   Balsams have good needle retention and flexible branches that are not as able to hold heavier ornaments as the Fraser.  The Balsam is very fragrant – its resin is used in perfumes, and was once sold as chewing gum.

Canaan Fir – a newer variety, is a genetic cross between Fraser  and Balsam Firs and has the best characteristics of both.  It combines the better needle retention of the Fraser with the stronger fragrance of the Balsam.  The needles are more uniformly green than the Fraser, with less silver on the undersides

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